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Serving as a miniature fragmented proxy of the original Monument, the author, with an artistic gesture, places the objects on the seabed of the shallows of the beach towards which the Monument itself opens with its stone wings, the divided auditorium of the amphitheater. Below the surface of the sea, fragments of a model of an architectural landmark, a few meters away, signal their presence with light to anyone who is ready to notice it.

Genius Loci 

series of 3D printed objects



























The work Genius Loci represents a set of seven luminous objects that together form an abstracted miniature of the Memorial Complex from Korčula. The concept of genius loci draws its roots from Roman mythology, metaphorically denoting the protective spirit of a place, that is, a field of intensified energy wrapped around the urban fabric. Observing the Bernardi Monument as a material incarnation of the "spirit of the place" of the city of Korčula and a space burdened with multi-layered political narratives, the artist sublimates its formal characteristics, translating them into a digital three-dimensional space and then returning them to the physical world in the form of 3-D printed luminous artifacts.

P1094833 copy.jpg

public intervention in Korčula, Croatia, curated by Darko Fritz and siva/zona

photos by Gea Rajić

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