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Gaia Radić is a young new media artist born in 2001. in Pula, Croatia. She is currently studying architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia and sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia. 
In her projects, she explores the correlation between virtual, mental and physical space through the combined use of computer graphics and spatial installation.


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2022. Hanging "Gardens" of Babylon, Kiosk, SC Gallery, Zagreb, Croatia             

2021. Svjetlarna Lovran, video mapping show in public space, Lovran, Croatia


2022. Hanging "Gardens" of Babylon, Klub Kocka Gallery, Split, Croatia

2022. Emergency Exit, Rijeka University Campus, Rijeka, Croatia         

2022. Golden Watermelon 6.0 award exhibition, Arteria Festival, Lapidarium

          Museum, Novigrad, Croatia 

2022. Golden Watermelon 6.0 award exhibition, SKUC Gallery, Pula, Croatia 

2022. Emergency Exit, Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka, Croatia 


2022. Theory and Praxis: Space, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia 


2022. Project PIAQ5454, Greta, Zagreb, Croatia (virtual exhibition)


2022. 36th Youth Salon, Gallery HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia


2022. Hanging "Gardens" of Babylon, Black Clinic residency, UR Institute,
          Dubrovnik, Croatia (virtual solo exhibition)


2021. Annual showroom of the Croatian Association of Fine Artists of Istria,

         Gallery HDLUI, Pula

2021. XII x II 2022, Circolo, Pula, Croatia

2021. Augmented Authenticity, Xcenter, Nova Gorica, Slovenia

2021. Glowing Globe: Artifical Art Alienated, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia

2021. Beginning: (De)construction, Art Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia

2021. Parallel Worlds, Gallery Cene Avguštin, Kranj, Slovenia

2021. Augmented Authenticity, Gallery DAI-SAI, Pula, Croatia


2021. Grisia YOUTH, Rovinj, Croatia

2021. Vallis Imaginarium, Bale, Croatia

2021. GIF for FUSE, Film Under Severe Experiment, Karlovac, Croatia

2021. Magic Jungle, Escape 010101 (private server virtual exhibition)

2021. Svjetovi, Gallery SKC, Rijeka (solo exhibition)

2021. DA! Festival, Faculty of Architecture, Zagreb, Croatia

2020. VGA02, Jadran Club, Rijeka, Croatia

2020. VGA02, Gallery Prozori, Zagreb, Croatia

2020. VGA02, Zona Club, Split, Croatia

2020. VGA02, Gallery Knifer, Osijek, Croatia

2020. Pula Art Experience, So(u)l & More Festival, Pula, Croatia

2020. GIF for FUSE, Film Under Severe Experiment, Karlovac, Croatia

2020. IndustriALL, Labin, Croatia

2020. Need, Supply, Demand, Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka, Croatia

2020. River of Art, Gallery SKC, Rijeka, Croatia

lectures & workshops

2022. Virtuality as an Artistic Medium, lecture, Gallery Kortil, Rijeka, Croatia

2022. Introduction to Speculative 3D Design, workshop, UR Institute,

          Dubrovnik, Croatia

2022. GIF Animation Workshop, Gymnasium, Pula, Croatia

2022. Creating Virtual Worlds through 3D Modeling, video lecture

2021. Creating Virtual Worlds through 3D Modeling, lecture, Gymnasium, Pula,


2021. Creating Virtual Worlds through 3D Modeling, lecture, Technical High School,
          Pula, Croatia 


2022. Finalist for the Golden Watermelon 6.0 Award, Media Mediterranea Festival,
          Pula, Croatia

2022. 2nd place, Erste Award, 36th Youth Salon, Zagreb, Croatia

2022. 1st place, Youth Online competition, Metamedia Association, Pula, Croatia


2022. VIZKULTURA article (in Croatian)

2022. Večernji list article (in Croatian)

2022. Radio Rojc interview (in Croatian)

2022. Kulturistra interview (in Croatian)

2022. Gloria Glam interview (in Croatian)

2021. Grazia interview (in Croatian)

2021. Kulturflux interview (in Croatian)

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